Waterways and Marinas

Waterways and Marinas

Video Surveillance for Marinas

Marinas can benefit greatly from the security provided by video surveillance. With boats and visitors constantly coming and going, gift shops and restaurants, marinas have a unique combination of surveillance needs. A complete marine video security system can help protect both your property and the property of those that house their boats at the marina.

Benefits of marina video surveillance systems

Scalability – One of the main benefits of installing an IP surveillance system at a marina is the flexibility IP cameras provide. IP camera systems can grow as needed. Additional cameras are easily connected to the network if the marina requires more comprehensive monitoring down the road.

Prevent crime and vandalism – Purposefully placed security cameras deter acts of vandalism or other crimes to marina property and the boats the marina houses. If any criminal acts are carried out, the cameras will provide valuable evidence for prosecution. Security cameras can also act as deterrents to criminal activity.

Enhance security – Installing an IP camera system can help enhance the feeling of safety. Those using their boats late at night will have an added feeling of security knowing that there is continuous surveillance at the marina.

Reduce liability –Visual evidence provided by marina surveillance cameras can reduce liability in cases involving crimes and accidents on the docks, boats, or other marina facilities.

Reduce losses –Many marina facilities also include gift shops and restaurants. Marina owners can help reduce losses by installing security cameras at vital points including cash registers and all entry and exit points.

Marina surveillance risks

Vandalism – If video cameras are tampered with, a signal to the camera could be lost. Other security measures should also be in place to maintain proper surveillance in instances where cameras are unable to operate.

Configuration of Video Surveillance Systems for Marinas

When determining the appropriate video surveillance set up for a marina, consider the following factors:
  • Does the marina have the necessary security staff to properly patrol the marina?
  • What types of security systems are currently in place for the marina?
  • Have there been reported cases of criminal activity at the marina?
  • Is there a history of vandalism to equipment and facilities?
  • What systems are in place to control access to restricted areas?
  • What is the flow of traffic like at the marina?
  • How is access to the marina and boats controlled?
  • How is employee identification handled?
  • Is the marina properly monitored at night and after hours?

Security Camera Setup Advice for Marinas
  • Position security cameras at all entry and exit points to capture images of all marina visitors.
  • Provide continuous video surveillance of the marina in order to protect those who are using their boats late at night.
  • Install security cameras at all boat loading and unloading zones.
  • Place security cameras at all retail areas to prevent theft and criminal acts.
  • Use security cameras to monitor parking lots for break-in attempts and vandalism.
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